Who's Running This Thing?

TAPM Systems is an independent game developer created by Joseph Thompson and comprising of several volunteers and friends to help bring its flagship product – Project Biomodus – into fruition. Based in the Bay Area of California, TAPM Systems has a strong baseline of game development experience, some excellent play-testers and a few poor souls who have been dragged along for the ride.

Our goal is to become a fully-fledged, self-publishing Indie RPG Developer, supporting other Indie Developers in getting their systems realized and in the hands of you – the general public. With self-publishing and Print on Demand technology increasing in scope and cost effectiveness, you no longer have to be an industry monolith to have a game realized – and now with crowd-sourced funding being the most popular way for developers to back projects, it has never been a better time to dust off that old game you created and get it published.

TAPM Systems aims to help people do that. Project Biomodus is just the beginning.

Project Biomodus Progress

Project Biomodus is currently under development and is in the preliminary stages of publication. The chart to the right shows the current progress on how far along the path Project Biomodus is towards full publication and release. Check back regularly to see how far the Project is coming!

  • System Creation / Testing 80%
  • World Building 50%
  • Final Layout and Art 30%
  • Final Release / Publication 10%

Project Biomodus Team Members

Joseph 'Bear' Thompson

Joseph 'Bear' Thompson

Lead Designer, Creative Director - Project Biomodus

Joseph Thompson – AKA: Bear to anyone who knows him – is the Lead Designer and Artistic Director for Project Biomodus, as well as the Founding Owner of TAPM Systems. His start in Tabletop RPG’s came in the form of Advanced Heroquest and Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Ed, back in his home country of England. Now, 24 years later and one major migration, Bear is spearheading a new, custom build system to power not only the flagship product of Project Biomodus, but as a beginning to many more settings.

Mike Mehiel

Mike Mehiel

Webmaster, Man-of-the-Hour - ProjectBiomodus.com

Mike Mehiel is part Webmaster, part Superhero and all Professional Burger Reviewer. Mike has worked on many prestigious websites, including a large-chain men’s clothing store, a national landmark, as well as various personal projects. Aside from being a fellow nerd, Mike gives a well-needed, seasoned set of skills to the Project Biomodus team. He also wants a cool nickname… can anyone hear the words ‘Backer reward?

Melina 'Mel' Reyes

Melina 'Mel' Reyes

Chief Editor, Corporate Metalhead - Project Biomodus

Mel is one of those people who can tell you that your formatting is completely screwy and still make you smile about it. As the Chief Editor for Project Biomodus, her keen eye on the small things is invaluable to the development of any publication. She has a keen love for excellent music, such as Metallica, Opeth, Mastodon and KidzBop. With her Disney-grade acceptance of all things fluffy, she is as awesome as she is thematically contradictory and we are lucky to have her on board.

Sean Jennings

Systems Development, Punishment Officer - Project Biomodus

Sean is a long-time gamer, (he still owns an original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons boxed set,) with a background in Physics and Philosophy who has modified many game systems with house rules and thoroughly enjoys testing new game systems to absolute, unadulterated destruction. Sean also built his own castle. That is not a whimsical statement, he actually built one and fire only made it stronger.

Wolf Stiles-Ravenheart

Systems Development, Head Evil GM - Project Biomodus

Wolf is the embodiment of Pure Evil.

Oh, you needed more? Well, Wolf is one of those GM’s that has the perfect balance of storytelling, system knowledge and freakish levels of inhuman sadism. When applied to helping make game systems work, his ability to apply his extra-dimensional understanding of human suffering brings out the very best and worst in a play test, helping us shoot down flaws and keep everything tight. Sometimes when you want to make a great system, you have to dance with the Wolf.

Fred Phrogus

Systems Development, Frog Safety Coordinator - Project Biomodus

Our resident Frog Wrangler, Fred is another player with a huge level of gaming experience to bring to the table. As a player, GM and system tester, Fred is a no-holds-barred suggestion tank, capable of making sense out of the most convoluted systems and turning them into easily understandable, balanced play tests. Having applied his creative magic to many home-brew rules for existing systems, Fred is an exceptional asset to the development of Project Biomodus and brings all that glorious knowledge to the table on a consistent and invaluable basis.

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