What is the GET REKT Edition of Project Biomodus?

We here at TAPM Systems believe that gaming should be accessible for everyone. Roleplaying games are an excellent method of bringing people from all groups and walks of life together, but historically, the price of Roleplaying books has been quite high.

The cost of production and the amount of effort that goes into an RPG cannot be lowered for the most part, and so, making access to a fully illustrated book is difficult when the cost of production remains quite high for small, indie developers like us.

So as a result, we developed and published the GET REKT version of Project Biomodus.

While this version of the book does not have all of the art and the lore of the Standard Edition of the book, it does have all the rules and setting information needed to play the game. The book itself is softcover, in black and white print, and is perfect for those gaming groups which want to have multiple hard copies of the rules, without having to pay full price for the same thing.

You can also use this book for making notes, taking to conventions, or other situations where you do not wish to damage your color, hardcover copy of the book, should you so desire an extra version which you can scribble in. We want this book to be used and shared, drawn on and dog-eared. Games are there for playing, and if we can help bring our passion and story to more people at an affordable rate, then we hope the GET REKT version of Project Biomodus achieves this. You aren’t insulting us by marking in doodles of your character, or scratching out rules you don’t like. Do it in ink if you want.

We just want you to play this game, and enjoy the warmth of having a good time with a great gaming group – regardless of your financial status.

Gaming can be a healing tool, a way for families to bond, and a general fun time for everyone involved. We at TAPM Systems hope that you get to share in this passion with us, and hope that the GET REKT version of Project Biomodus helps you accomplish that.