Hey all!

So KublaCon was a really great source of feedback, and one of the biggest issues we discovered is that the Antagonists of Project Biomodus needed some tweaking and adjustment. As of this morning, the Antagonist section has been re-written with full descriptions for each creature or NPC, along with an additional set of stats reflecting their difficulty levels in regards to Social, Perception, Strength and Agility skill checks.

Resistances for Solo, Daalum and Drone antagonists have also been explained, and after a bit of editing, I have managed to make all of the stats fit on one page… at least for now.

The second big ticket item to work on was a Narrating guide to Project Biomodus. As it stands, I would say I am about 50% through writing it up, and should hopefully have a first draft in place by the end of next week, where I will be attending the Warframe-themed TennoCon in Ontario, Canada.

For those of you following our Tweeting spree, you will already know that Project Biomodus is planning to be at Big Bad Con in October. If all goes well, we should have a pretty spectacular piece of news before that happens, but right now we are being cautious. If you are planning on being at either TennoCon or Big Bad Con during these times, please feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

Remember, the Discord channel is open for anyone to connect to, so please jump in and make yourself known!

More news as it develops, people!


Joseph ‘Bear’ Thompson
Creative Director – Project Biomodus