A Transhuman, Action-Survival RPG

Project Biomodus is the First TAPM20 System game, set in a desolate world created by mankind’s need to defeat death. Now – some eight centuries later – the world is a mass of scorched concrete husks, breeding grounds for adapted, powerful monsters and the transhuman descendants of humanity; all fighting for the right to exist in a world that is beyond healing.
Tactical Action and Power Management
Using a system that supports fluid interchange between movement, attacking and non-combat actions, the player is in complete control of the character’s balance – requiring the tactical use of Action Points to maintain defense, offense and support. Do you go all out or act reserved? In Project Biomodus, this choice is more than just simple die modifications.
Your Body is Equipment
You play a titular Biomodus – a Transhuman exalt that can swap and change their bodies, much like people would change modules in a car or a computer. By use of different body types (known as Cases) and pairing them with Modifications and Configurations no two Biomodus are the same. Do you have four arms? Can you house a Missile Rack in your body? Do you have tiny laser emitters that intercept incoming projectiles? All of these things are possible in Project Biomodus.
There is no more 'Food Chain'
After the world was scorched, all that remained of the flora and fauna was that which could adapt. After eight centuries of forced evolution, every creature out in The Wastes is a biomechanical nightmare – dangerously powerful, impossibly adaptive and above all other things, hungry. Even the former chosen of humanity – Artificial Intelligence – have banded together into a swathing force of retribution known by the collective title of Oculari. Death comes in many forms.
Radial Growth over Vertical Improvement
Advancement in Project Biomodus is not a vertical increase towards a specific class or ‘build’. Biomodus start off as mighty exalts of the Transhuman survivors of Mankind, and so growing in one particular direction becomes drastically more difficult the further along the path you travel. Project Biomodus makes expanding your characters expertise much more appealing. The more skillful and modified your character is, a smarter hunter they become – and certainly much more adaptable to a range of different encounters.


There is no better way to stay in touch with the Project Biomodus team, or the growing community of its followers. Discord is a lightweight, text and voice-based chat client, with full embedded video, link and file dropping support. If you want to join the TAPM Systems server, then all you need to do is click the link and sign in!

TAPM20 System

What is TAPM20 short for?

TAPM20 is short for Tactical Action and Power Management System – D20. All die checks are resolved on a twenty-sided die, hence the inclusion of the number of faces.

TAPM20 is a new, risk/reward system based around simple die resolution, fluid interchange between movement, actions and events, and the use of tactical management of your resources to adjust to any kind of situation.



Download Playtest V6.1

Feel free to click the link below and get your first glimpse into the world of Project Biomodus! This playtest is a prototype of the game, and has been greatly changed in the released version of the book! If you want to get a taste of Project Biomodus, feel free to take a look!

Latest Updates

Big Bad Con Details now available!

So the details for Big Bad Con are now available on the website! Just head to the Big Bad Con link, and take a look. Details include the times, what you can expect as a player, and a few other snippits. Big Bad Con is one of those places that are a haven for small...

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Antagonist and Narrator Section – Content Update!

Hey all! So KublaCon was a really great source of feedback, and one of the biggest issues we discovered is that the Antagonists of Project Biomodus needed some tweaking and adjustment. As of this morning, the Antagonist section has been re-written with full...

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